Welcome to Stichting Rwanda Solidair

For the children

The Foundation was founded in 2008 in order to support vulnerable young people in Rwanda with small-scale projects from the Netherlands. We do this through direct contact with those involved in Rwanda, so that it is clear where the support ends up and how it is used.


The starting point is that the partners in Rwanda will eventually be able to carry on without our help. The Foundation currently focuses on improving the welfare and living conditions of disabled children in the AVEH-Umurerwa Centrum in Nyamata.

Our goals

In order to achieve the goal – self-reliance – we first achieved an ‘interim goals’.

The basic needs

For the time being, AVEH needs monthly financial support to cover the most basic needs such as food, milk, nappies, but also physiotherapy and a salary for the carers (between 25 and 35 Euros per person per month).

The network

We want to put AVEH in touch with professional caregivers, such as doctors, child psychologists and physiotherapists. They can help diagnose the children. From there, the appropriate treatment or development options for the individual children can become clear.

Income from own organisation

Because the centre has a piece of land, there is potential to provide its’ own income. AVEH has a building on this land that provides a safe shelter for the residents and where activities can be organised that some children can participate in. As a foundation, we want to raise enough money for a starting capital with which we can support initiatives to become self-sufficient. Where necessary, we advise on business.

Who is who in the Stichting Rwanda Solidair?

The Foundation was established in Wageningen in 2008 by parents of pupils from Scholengemeenschap Pantarijn in Wageningen. Since its inception, much has changed and as of September 2020, the board is formed by:

Salma Peter Tambwe


Jan Willem Andriessen


Juliëtte Eichholtz


Bart Andriessen


The Foundation achieves its goals with donations from supporters and ensures that all available funds benefit the projects in Rwanda. The Foundation is an ANBI (Algemene Nut Beogende Instelling) recognised by the tax authorities. All the work done within the Foundation is voluntary and therefore no remuneration is paid to board members or other employees in the Netherlands.