Meeting AVEH

Salma Peter did her university education in Economics in Rwanda and obtained her master in consultancy and entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam Business School. After her studies she went to work in Kigali. As Co-editor of Feel Magazine, she came into contact with AVEH in 2018, when she traveled with the Feel Magazine team an hour south of Kigali. They were not prepared for what they found there: twenty physically and mentally handicapped children, who were cared for by volunteers in a center where their basic needs were provided. The inspiring leadership was – and still is – in the hands of Cecile, who built the center from scratch in 2005. This visit impressed Salma and her friends so much that they could not say goodbye until they had spent all their money on water, milk and food for the children.

Jan Willem with Heaven and a few visitors

Cecile, de oprichtster, met Heaven.

Cecile, the founder, with Heaven

Salma’s article [link to the pdf of the article] for Feel Mag gives a good impression of this visit. After this day, they often returned to AVEH, where they have built up a friendship bond with Cecile. Jan Willem Andriessen also visited the center several times during his visits to Rwanda.

Salma met xxx

Salma and Ineza