In the autumn of 2020, the Rwanda Solidarity Foundation developed new activities with a new board.

The new board has good contacts with an orphanage for disabled children in Nyamata, about 40 km south of Kigali in Rwanda. The orphanage is called AVEH and has taken on the care of about 18 handicapped children who have no parents or who were left by their parents.

The goals will be to provide the children in the orphanage with more personal care and development opportunities and to make the orphanage independent of outside support in the long term.

In December 2020/January 2021, the website of Stichting Rwanda Solidair was renewed and in the course of 2021, actions will be started to find donors who are willing to make a monthly contribution to support the children of AVEH.

Previous projects

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, groups of young people from Wageningen went to Rwanda for a fortnight to work with students from the King David Academy in Kigali. The projects included a library, a theatre production, a football tournament for girls and a biogas installation. As a result of these contacts, the Foundation set up a school fund to help more than sixty young people complete their secondary school and university studies by 2019. In addition, the Foundation has helped around fifteen Dutch youths to get an internship at the King David Academy, in order to get to know Rwanda and the Rwandan people.



The Rwanda Solidarity Foundation is entirely dependent on donors for its income.


The Foundation wants the resources entrusted to it to benefit as much as possible the activities it organises in Rwanda.
We want to be transparent in this. Below you will find the annual reports of the Foundation.

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