Our goals for AVEH

In order to achieve the ultimate goal – self-reliance – we first want to achieve a number of “intermediate goals”.

1 The basic needs

For the time being, AVEH needs monthly financial support to be able to meet the most basic needs such as nutrition, milk, diapers, but also physiotherapy and a salary for the carers (between 25 and 35 euros per person per month).

2 The network

We want to bring AVEH into contact with professional care providers, such as doctors, child psychologists and physiotherapists. They can help diagnose the children, thereby providing treatment or development opportunities for individual children.


3 Self financing for the center

Because the center has a piece of land, there is the potential to provide for its own income. AVEH has its own building on that site that offers a safe shelter to the residents and where activities can be organized in which some children can participate. As a Foundation, we want to raise enough money for a start-up capital, with which we can support initiatives to become self-sufficient. Where necessary, we advise on business operations